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CA7CH Lightbox: the next wearable camera to compete against the GoPro

We have seen wearable cameras come and go, but so far the GoPro has kept its position as the king of the hill. Can the CA7CH Lightbox make the difference?
June 18, 2014
CA7CH Lightbox clipped

We have seen wearable cameras come and go, but so far the GoPro has kept its position as the king of the hill. With pristine image quality, unparalleled portability, solid build and insane popularity, it’s hard to beat GoPro. Is there room in the industry for competitors? CA7CH is counting on it, and they have launched Lightbox on Kickstarter.

What makes the CA7CH Lightbox unique is mostly its form factor. This camera is very portable, featuring 1.5-inch sides and 0.49 inches of depth. It’s tiny! And it is supported by a magnetic clip that makes it amazingly easy to manage. In terms of design and form factor, the CA7CH Lightbox should be a pleasure to work with.

The design may not be very important to most users, though. What we really care about is camera quality, and it seems the CA7CH Lightbox is quite capable. Its 8 MP camera sports f2.4 aperture on a 6-element lens. It supports 1080p video at 30 fps, or you can opt for 60 fps under a 720p resolution.

If real (they seem to be) the video samples show what looks like a very clear image. The camera needs further testing before we can reach a conclusion, but I have tried other wearable cameras and this one seems to be miles ahead most of them.

CA7CH Lightbox app

The CA7CH Lightbox does work with your smartphone, connecting to it via bluetooth and/or WiFi. You can transfer videos, use your phone as a viewfinder, share your content, edit your video and more. You can even make a live feed with multiple cameras.

One huge downside is battery life, which is estimated at 45 minutes of 1080p recording or 20-25 minutes of live streaming. This is a bit disappointing when compared to GoPro’s approximate 2.5 hours of continuous recording.

CA7CH Lightbox specs and features

Will this camera make it in the real world? It sure made it in Kickstarter, where CA7CH reached its goal of $80,000 in a mere 26 hours. We must say that is outstanding, and this number should get pretty high with 30 days left in the Kickstarter campaign.

I really like the concept and hope it is well-implemented, but we know how Kickstarter is most times. The options for backing the CA7CH Lightbox are listed right below, along with their prizes. None of these have reached their limit, so go ahead and sign up for whichever you prefer.

CA7CH Lightbox options

Who is backing this one? The Android app is promised to launch in “under 60 days”, which is pretty close to their Oct/Nov release.