C Spire 4G LTE
Although C Spire Wireless officials were initially planning to roll out their 4G LTE network by the end of 2011, a new report shows that C Spire will launch its LTE services by the end of September in 20 Mississippi markets, thus covering more than 2700 square miles that “harbor” 1.2 million possible C Spire clients.

So far, the only LTE-enabled device officially announced by C Spire is the Samsung Galaxy S3 (carrier pricing expected to be announced in late July / early August), but the carrier has announced its plans to release a full suite of LTE devices concomitant with their LTE network launch in September. While tablets are usually a welcomed (and often encountered) addition to a carrier’s LTE line-up, I’m sure C Spire will not hesitate in launching USB LTE modems as well. Reports have proven that such devices turn out to be client magnets for 4G networks. C Spire will spend $60 million for its LTE deployment, and they probably want that money back (with some profit as well) as fast as possible.

According to vice president of network operations Eric Hollingsworth, the eighth largest wireless provider in the United States, C Spire has already begun testing their equipment with some very impressive results: “We’re very pleased with both the download and upload speeds we’ve achieved in field testing[…] Our field engineers are reporting data speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G on a consistent basis.”


Mike Andrici
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