sling tv

With the recent launch of Sling TV, many users have been second-guessing their current cable package. Sling TV brings a number of popular channels to your mobile device including ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and many more, all for only $20 per month. If you think this is a good deal already, the deal is about to get even sweeter.

If you prepay for three months of Sling TV (totaling $60) Amazon is throwing in either a free Fire TV Stick ($39 value) or Roku Stick ($50 value). If you’re looking for something a little more powerful, Amazon will give you either $50 off the Fire TV ($99 value) or Roku 3 set-top box ($100 value).

The streaming sticks offer the most bang for your buck, though choosing one of these options may hinder you from experiencing the more powerful and smooth performance of set-top boxes. If you can’t decide which device to choose, our very own Kevin Nether checked out the best media streamers money can buy. Unfortunately, our favorite media streamer, the Google Chromecast, doesn’t have support for Sling TV quite yet.

If you’re interested in trying the streaming service, now is a great time to do so. Spending $60 will get you significant discounts on some of the best media streamers out there. Oh, and try not to wait on this offer. All promotional codes given out must be used by June 5th, so don’t forget! To take advantage of these offers, head to either one of the links below to grab the deal.

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