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Business Insider: Google will unveil its first Android tablet by the end of the month

June 7, 2012

So many months of unconfirmed rumors and sometimes crazy speculations have all led to the supposed leak of the first couple of photos showing off the Nexus Tablet. However, if you thought that the rumor mill could cool out a bit, you were very wrong, as we now have a new source “confirming” the device’s coming.

According to Business Insider, a website that doesn’t usually start out unfounded rumors, Google’s first ever Android tablet will be unveiled at the end of the month. The information shouldn’t come as news, however, as several other sources pointed towards the same release time frame.

There are two very important questions that rise after reading Business Insider’s (short) report. On one hand, the website’s source didn’t confirm this tablet as being the long-rumored and much awaited Asus co-branded Nexus Tablet. With that in mind, we can’t help but ask ourselves if this entire campaign hinting towards an affordable 7-incher to compete against the Kindle Fire and not against the iPad hasn’t been just smoke and mirrors.

Could Google be prepping an even more spectacular gadget, with a 10-inch screen and all possible high-end hardware under its hood? We don’t know, but we shouldn’t be surprised if that were the case, after all.

The second question in desperate need of an answer is on everyone’s lips and refers to the future tablet’s release date. It’s becoming obvious that Google will unveil this new gadget (whatever it might be) on June 27 at the i/o developers conference, but when will people be able to actually buy it? An earlier report from Digitimes hinted that Asus might start shipping the Nexus Tablet before the end of Q2, which means that Google’s conference could not only be the device’s unveiling event, but also its release!

Whatever will happen, we surely hope Google won’t disappoint us and come up with the revolutionary gadget we’re all waiting for. Any thoughts? Sound off below!