What used to be a file-sharing app solely between mobile phones now works with computers too. Bump, an app that lets users transmit files by simply doing the titular act of bumping their mobile devices together, has announced on its blog that its Web version has been updated to be fully compatible with computers.

This update is different from the one we reported almost a year ago, when it merely supported transferring of photos and only from phone to computer, not vice versa). This year’s refresh now handles every file type and can transfer to and from computers. The new feature is certainly a welcome addition to the app when, according to Bump devs, “it’s [already] the year 2013 – we have self-driving cars, private space exploration, 3d printers – but most folks have a hard time getting a video taken on their phone over to their laptop.”

No additional software download is necessary to take advantage of the new feature. All users need to do after updating Bump is visit its web app at http://bu.mp on their computer, launch the app on their phone, choose files to share, and then finally hit the spacebar to begin the file transfer. Simple as that.