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Bump for Android now lets you "magically" move photos from phone to PC

May 25, 2012

Do you remember that cool Android app that lets you transfer photos from one Android phone to another by simply, well bumping two Android phones together? Right, it’s the app called Bump.

If you liked the idea behind the app, wait until you hear what we have to report. The Bump for Android app was just updated to version 3.3.0 and, guess what, the app has one new feature that greatly extends its capabilities. That feature is the ability to “magically” transfer photos from your phone to your PC.

What’s great about this new feature is the fact that you don’t have to install anything, except, of course, the app on your phone. After installing the update, you just need to visit on your desktop brower, open the app on your phone, and select the photos that you want to transfer to your PC. Then, slightly tap the spacebar on your PC’s keyboard using your phone. Boom! The photos will pop up on your browser. You’ll then have the option to share the photos immediately with your friends or to download them on your computer’s hard drive.

That’s it. The only requirement on your computer is to use either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, with location tracking enabled.

Well, at least in principle, that’s how this feature is supposed to work. But after trying it out using Chrome for Mac, I wasn’t able to connect my phone to my iMac. On Safari though, the feature worked fine, after a couple of tries. The key here is not to bump your phone to the spacebar but to press it gently and then harder the moment the phone is in contact with the spacebar. You’ll know if the app works if your phone vibrates upon pressing.

Bump Android app is available as a free download on Google Play.  Have fun using it, folks!