Bullseye Geography Challenge review

What is Bullseye Geography Challenge?

Bullseye Geography Challenge is a new game out on Android that combines the quiz and adventure genre in a very unique way. It’s powered by Google Maps, has hoards of educational value, and it’s likely the biggest game of its type out there.

Here is how it works. You create a game and it will ask you to point out places on the map. You move the bullseye to where you think it is and submit. It will then show you how close or far you are away from it. The game will then quiz you with a follow up question about that region. For instance, it’ll ask you where Dublin is (the capital of Ireland). Once you point at it on the map, you’ll then be asked a question that has to do with Ireland. There are various game types that ask you all sorts of questions and there are Google Play Games services that will give you achievements when you do really well.

The interface is really easy to navigate but it does frequently remind you that there is a premium version you can buy. The premium version is just over $3 so it’s not too expensive and you can play without going premium. However, the interface does get a tad confusing when you don’t have it. Aside from that, everything is well laid out with large text and buttons.

Bullseye Geography Challenge review

We'll admit it, this app wowed us.


1200 places of interest, 2500 questions, 3500 hints. That is a metric ton of game play.
Well laid out interface, large buttons, and large text make it easy to play.
Extremely educational. Literally everything in this app is a geographical fact.
Google Play Games services are included which is nice.
You can play it before you buy it.


Until you buy the premium version, you're going to see a lot of lock symbols on a lot of things which is a little annoying.
This game is going to make you feel stupid. Then smart. Then stupid again. This can be bad depending on how you feel when apps make you feel stupid.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is one of the best quiz apps that we’ve ever seen. It’s packed with geographical, regional, and general information. Bullseye! Geography Challenge developers state that there are over 2500 questions with over 3500 hints and 1200 unique places. This is not a game that you’re going to beat in a day. It’s also highly educational which makes it great for kids and adults who want to learn more about the world around them.

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