HTC Magic Exchange SupportWhat’s this?  In its review of the HTC Magic for Singapore, CNET Asia claims that the HTC Magic has native support for Microsoft Exchange email – and it has posted a photo in its review that certainly seems to back that up.

Say what?

When CNET USA asked Google about Exchange support, this is the official response it got:

Android does not currently include support for Microsoft Exchange. This remains a ripe opportunity for 3rd parties, as the Android Open Source project, supported by Android Market, provides developers complete freedom to extend Android and enable a wide range of connected mobile services. We are beginning to see initiatives and products from the community designed to target the mobile enterprise market. We believe our approach of openness, both at the platform level and for application distribution, will drive rapid innovation and availability of consumer and enterprise solutions on Android.

So what’s the deal here?  Did HTC develop the Exchange support on its own and just choose not to offer it to Vodafone?  Or did it, perhaps, not have the code ready in time?  Maybe it is still in development and it’s not supposed to be in the firmware build for Singapore, either, and the review unit CNET Asia received had it only by accident.

We’re trying to track it down with HTC to find out what’s going on.

HTC Magic Exchange Support

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