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Earlier today we reported on a second claim that Motorola really is preparing a new Nexus phone that will feature a massive 5.9-inch display. In the article I mentioned that this Nexus 6 doesn’t necessarily mean the death of the Nexus 5, as Google could potentially decide to sell the handset alongside the Nexus 6.

There were several interesting responses in the comments section, with some folks liking the idea of a refreshed Nexus 5 with slightly better specs (better cam, battery, processor, etc). Others were sold on the idea of a 5.9-inch Nexus phablet.

The reality is that we all have different want and desires, and so the ‘perfect’ Nexus probably depends on what exactly you consider most important in a handset. Let’s step into the world of fantasy for a moment and imagine that you have the power to design the very next Nexus smartphone. What features or specs would you focus on? Build quality, battery life? What screen size would you choose?

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Now that you’ve “built” your ideal Nexus, there’s still questions remaining like what software changes would you like to see for it? What kind of new sensors or user-oriented hardware changes, and what exact specs? Does it have a stylus or maybe a fingerprint reader? Join us in the comments below and tell us what your perfect Nexus smartphone would be like. Be sure to upvote your favorite fantasy Nexus ideas.

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