build your own browser maxthon

“This is Android, after all, and Android is about having options.” This is how the post on XDA-Developers from where I picked this story ends. To this I add – Amen! Android is all about options, the freedom of choice, the freedom to fiddle with everything, until everything is just right.

On the same lines, Android is about being able to customize your browser so it bares your name of choice, your own custom icon, or your hand-picked splash screen. Gimmicky? Maybe, but cool all the same.

Actually, we are talking about the Maxthon Android browser, a solid alternative to both the stock browser and worthier contenders such as Dolphin. We reviewed Maxthon for Android just last month and we found it to be quite a decent offering, with plenty of features and snappy loading times.

Now, Maxthon is giving everyone the chance to personalize their web browser. More precisely, you can choose the name of the app, the icon of the app, a homepage, a theme/skin (you get to choose from ten predefined skins), and a splash screen. To get started, just go here and follow the easy steps. It’s all very simple, and once you’re done you can click Create APK to get the app. It will take a while for the file to be compiled, so be patient.

Once you get the APK, you can load it to your Android phone or, if you are up to it, you can even get it on the Play Store. In fact, it’s possible that some less scrupulous developers will use Maxthon’s tool to churn out dozens of self-branded versions.  That however, doesn’t seem to concern Maxthon, at least for now, as we didn’t see any limitation or terms of use that specifies what you can and can’t do with “your own browser”.

In terms of the usefulness of Maxthon’s tool, I can’t think of too many use cases, besides providing the obvious bragging rights. The developers promise that more customization options will be added in the future, so maybe in time, we’ll get to tailor the functionality of the browser too, and not just it appearance.