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Deal: How to Build Habit-Forming Products (Up to 80% off)

Nir Eyal is an entrepreneur who is keenly interested in how apps and services like Clash of Clans and Facebook keep their users coming back for more.
November 16, 2016

Nir Eyal has a name that looks strange to many Americans, and he’s quick to acknowledge it. However, he says that he believes that this precise sense of otherness is what makes him and many other entrepreneurs so acutely aware of the patterns that govern human interaction.

A child immigrant to America, Nir quickly established his acumen for business by creating his first company straight out of school. A few years later, he sold it, and then he began attending business school. While still as student there, he started a second company called AdNectar. But a couple of years ago he sold that company as well to pursue a new interest…

Nir was interested in what caused people to build habits. He noticed that emerging services like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest compelled people to adopt wholly new patterns of behavior that they didn’t previously demonstrate.

This, he believes, is the core of developing a lucrative business model in the contemporary age. We are creatures of habit, after all. It’s an evolutionarily advantageous trait, according to Nir, that prevents us from having to ‘relearn’ every activity as though it were the first time we were doing it. Habits make us effective human beings, and services that engender habits make for effective services.

Ever since he made his career shift, Nir has been studying the curious intersections between psychology, business, and technology. His book “Hooked: A Guide to Building Habit-Forming Products,” received high acclaim from entrepreneurs and mobile app designers alike. He has also spent time teaching seminars on the subject, and his writings have been published on TechCrunch, Forbes, and Psychology today.

Nir has been studying the curious intersections between psychology, business, and technology.

Now Nir wants to make his techniques available to the public at large. He has designed an online course to teach students how to make fundamentally addicting products: from social media platforms to apps to simple email subscription lists.

Normally this 7 lecture course runs for $50, but since Udemy is offering an early Black Friday sale, you can currently pick up this course for as little as $10. However, this offer will steadily decrease in value over time, so your best bet is to jump on it as soon as you can!

If you want to learn how to make your projects addicting to your users, bringing them back to engagement time and time again over the course of months or even years, then click the button below to get the full scoop from Nir.