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Deal: Learn how to build Android apps from scratch (Update: offer ends soon)

Tim Buchalka's popular online Android development course would normally cost you $170, but from now until Friday you can snag lifetime access for just $19.
September 28, 2016

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Update: We're getting close to the end of this promotion, so be sure to act before Friday night if you're interested!

Last month, we reviewed Tim Buchalka’s “Learn Android App Development With Java Step By Step” course, and we received a lot of positive responses. Readers particularly liked that we were able to secure an arrangement with Buchalka that knocked 75% off the original $170 price tag, meaning students were able to pick up this comprehensive course for only $43.

Well, things are even better this time around. After an interview with our own Gary Sims, we were able to reach a new agreement that drops the price for our readers even lower to just $19.

Here’s a look at what we thought of the course when we gave it a whirl for ourselves:

What you’re getting

Buchalka’s class is a comprehensive Android development course featuring over 70 hours of video and 405 lectures. There are currently over 40,000 students enrolled.

In this digital classroom, you’ll learn essentially everything you need to go from codeless scrub to competent app developer including:

  • Java basics
  • Android app development best practices
  • Basic app development
  • YouTube integration
  • Optimization for latest OS version
  • Json parsing
  • Layout
  • Design language
  • Activity navigation
  • Game development
  • Basics of Game Design
  • User accounts/login
  • How to upload your app on the Google Play Store
  • How to market your app

The course won’t make you a hacking wizard or anything. However, if you’re standing around with zero programming knowledge and want to get into the app game, this might just be the course for you.

About Buchalka

A course is really only ever as good as its teacher, because the wrong personality can make even the best material a chore to get through. Let’s take a look at Tim Buchalka.

Buchalka has a background in professional software development, which makes him somewhat unique. Many of the instructors we considered when we started looking at app development courses didn’t actually have professional experience.

Buchalka has been programming for over thirty years. Part of the focus of his course is to provide sufficient enough skills that students can actually build a career out of it. An unexpected perk is that he offers advice to that end in his teaching.

Jean-Paul Roberts also helps out with this course to a lesser extent than Buchalka. Roberts also has thirty years programming experience and makes his living as a self-employed app developer.

Things we like about Buchalka:

  • He’s clear and straightforward with his language
  • Occasionally humorous, but not in a way that pads the coursework or feels forced
  • Active in course forums and responsive to outreach
  • Incredibly detail oriented
  • Obviously very familiar with the course material
  • Explains complicated things in easy language.

Things that could have been improved upon:

  • Occasionally too detail oriented. Those of us who were more familiar with the basics of programming sometimes found ourselves skipping ahead.
  • Although his expertise in the subject matter is appreciated, there were a few times when Buchalka assumes a step or two of knowledge which may require some induction on the part of the student.

Depending on how adept of a learner you are, Buchalka’s pacing may be a concern. He’s very articulate, but he tends to expect you to grasp ideas the first or second time around, whereas some of us tended to need a little more time to wrap their heads around concepts. Since you can easily rewind the videos for a recap, this wasn’t a substantial concern for most of us, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Is this course for you?

If you’re already a skilled programmer or career software developer, move right along. Honestly, baseline competent programmers are probably more than equipped to do without Buchalka’s coursework.

However, if you have little to no java experience and are looking for a leg up, then this might be a pretty worthy consideration. The course offers you competency without promising you the stars while still providing ample career-building advice for those who wish to make their Android apps more than just a hobby.


Honestly, this course has a ton going for it. The content is straightforward and clear, and there’s no hidden costs or gimmicks. 

Buchalka is very good about providing his readers with the kind of content they need to get off the ground, and although he may be occasionally prone to assume you’re learning faster than you actually are, he’s still available in the forums to provide live feedback on any problems you encounter.

Basically, the course offers what it says on the cover and even a little bit extra (via the career input and marketing advice) and it moves at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm most students.


If you’re in that unfortunate realm of knowing a handful of programming but you fall short of mastering it, then much of Buchalka’s coursework in the first few sessions will be tedious. He starts with the basics and moves very carefully forward, with each teaching project building on the last.

Buchalka moves at a pace that assumes you’re an agile learner, so if you need repetition to master objectives, then expect to be hitting that rewind icon a few times. If you’re a quick learner, then this probably won’t be a concern.

How to sign up

Buchalka’s program currently has almost 4,000 reviews which have netted him a 4.5+ star ranking on Udemy. Of the lecturers we’ve surveyed, he genuinely feels like the real deal.

The information provided in his coursework coaches you through simple apps in the beginning, but ultimately concludes with you developing full-scale apps that have the potential for serious monetization.

This comprehensive course usually runs for the price of $170, but we’ve partnered with the creators to create a deal that knocks 89% off the original price tag.

Right now, Android Authority readers are able to scoop up Buchalka’s program for a mere $19, rather than the original price. That’s all 405 lectures and 72 hours of video tutorials from an industry professional for under twenty bucks. Use the promo code ANDROIDA19 to take advantage of this, or just click the button below. This offer expires at the end of September.

If you’re interested in learning how to get involved in the Android community, then now may be your best chance. Get your app idea out into the world!

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