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Bugdroid to get an official LEGO release?

Android fan builds his own LEGO Bugdroid and gets 10,000 fans on the LEGO Cuusoo project, prompting a review, which may result in an official release.
February 8, 2013
Android Lego

At one point in your life, you might have come across LEGO — those wonderful brick sets that give us curious folks countless hours of enjoyment and creative play. LEGO seems to be popular among the engineering-minded, what with a supercomputer built on LEGO bricks and Raspberry Pi and other such projects. Well, if you’re an Android fan, you might be glad to know that our favorite Bugdroid character might just get its own official LEGO set.

Android fan Marc Young, who goes by the alias GLHTurbo, has submitted a project on the LEGO Cuusoo site, and the project has already garnered 10,000 supporters, which means the project will undergo review by LEGO for possible release as an official set. According to Marc, he decided to create a LEGO build for himself, as there were no official releases so far. The build consists of 205 mostly Lime Green bricks, some of which are not commonly available. Marc says 205 bricks would translate to about $30, but as some of the parts were expensive, his kit cost much more to build.

Android Lego 2

Bugdroid has some movable parts, notably its antennae, head and arms. You can check out the demo video below.

Would you be interested in building your own LEGO Bugdroid?

Hat tip to my colleague Derek Ross, who seems to be a big LEGO fan apart from being an Android authority.