Recently, we told you all about Google purchasing BufferBox, a Canadian company which builds storage lockers for delivery storage. The concept is that you have a package delivered to the locker, rather than your home or office, then pick it up at your convenience. There is a code that is sent to your device, and once the code is entered at the locker hub, your locker springs open, revealing your package.

Google also launched a delivery service in San Francisco recently, focused on same-day courier service of packages from local retailers. An interesting concept, which now seems to be bolstered by Buffer Box.

The BufferBox website now mentions (via a pop-up on the home screen)that the service will be available in San Francisco “soon”. While there was no lineage traced between it and Google’s same-day delivery, it makes sense that two delivery services owned by Google would go hand-in-hand, and it can’t be coincidence that BufferBox is coming to San Francisco.

If Google is as serious about delivery as they seem to be, San Francisco is a great place to test out this hybrid service. They’ve already started their delivery service, and BufferBox makes a great option for those who are too mobile to catch the delivery driver. There are also various locations to pick up a package via the BufferBox, so we’ll look forward to seeing how this all plays out.