Why did you get an Android phone? Was it for the great integration of Google services, like Gmail, Maps, and more? Or was it because you love having access to tons of great apps and games?

Most people think about Bubble Blaster when they hear the word Bubble associated with Android. Today we are going to talk about something different – a very handy app that will boost your productivity and ability to get things done efficiently. Bubble, as an app, has a simple mandate: help you remember stuff. How does it do that? Quite simply, it shows you “bubbles” whenever people call you, and enables you to quickly add and remove thoughts with the people in your life. Think of it as having space for personal reminders for each contact, whenever you communicate with them. Bubble is one of those few apps that actually makes those reminders pop up on the incoming screen when a contact calls you.


Why it Works

This is a very handy app for the more forgetful among us, me included. As a person who is in touch with literally dozens of different people on a weekly basis, I found making Bubble a part of my collection of used apps to be hugely beneficial for my memory, and my ability to get things done efficiently and on time. I like to think of it like leaving post it notes for yourself around the house. Imagine taking that to a whole new level, and being forced to see what’s important right now, on a contact by contact basis. Using Bubble is a simple and straightforward process. We’ve all used different scheduling, calendar and note taking programs before, and what happens to them? They get neglected, become unused, and the ideas contained within them never get seen again (most often). With Bubble, you make notes that pertain to your relationships with people. Whenever you talk to that person, you are notified on the call display what notes you have made with that person. It really helps you stay focused, and I use it every day now. While they could slightly improve on the appearance of the app, we have to say that we like it for its brains and brawn, and not its beauty. In practice it does exactly what it promises, and helped me stay on point!

Why We Like it

But what about when you actually want to look at reminders before you make that important phone call so you can remember exactly what you want to say? Bubble has you covered there as well — you can review the “bubbles” (personal reminders) for each call before you make it.

In a hectic life, it can be hard to remember to add bubbles. That’s why the Bubble app covers you again by making it easy to search through your calls and tag them with bubbles so that you can add those reminders while you remember them. We all know what happens if you put it off till later — you’ll forget, and we can’t have that now can we?


  • Contact screen with indication of bubbles for each contact.
  • Convenient sorting:  alphabetically, by contacts with bubbles up on your list, or contacts you last had calls with that are in your “bubbles”
  • Flashy bubble colors, chosen by you
  • Direct call from a contact’s bubble list, handy and efficient
  • Good notification settings: When a contact with bubbles calls you get a notification for easy access to his bubbles, so you can update right after you’ve spoken with them
  • You can also activate notification for every call to add bubbles for contacts that still don’t have any, right after they call.
  • Good customization and ability to make the app work the way you want it to




Download Bubble here
Via: Bubble