Whether it’s your baby’s adorable laughter or an important class lecture, the usual procedure to capture and share a significant event is to whip out your smart phone or tablet and start up the camera application. Afterwards if you wish to share it, you go back to your PC to transfer the video file, perhaps do a little editing, and then upload it to YouTube or some other video sharing site.

With the Ustream app however you can now skip the PC transfer and upload stages and just broadcast a live streaming video feed directly to the web.

The first steps are obviously to install the app and create a Ustream account. Registering is necessary because the live coverage you’re producing is going to show on: www.ustream.tv/channel/(your user name). Given the amounts of data that need to be transmitted for such a feat, you have to make sure your Android device is at least on a Wi-Fi connection to make sure the output doesn’t skip or halt.

Once you’ve got that basic aspect covered, you can go ahead and press the ‘Go Live’ button on the app’s main menu or, if you’re using a tablet computer, the camera icon found at the upper-right corner of the interface. Afterwards point your device’s camera in the right direction, tap the red circle on the right side of the screen, and start shooting.

Besides the main broadcasting function, there are a couple of icons also on the right side that access other activities. You can for example chat with your viewers and start a poll. If you happen to be simultaneously logged in to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, there’s an option that allows you to throw content in that direction.

The app also allows you to turn on your Android device’s microphone and switch between the front and rear-facing cameras. To stop the broadcast just tap the red square on the right and you’ll be prompted to save the video file.

Via PCWorld