If you’re out in a café and trying to connect to a number of Wi-Fi networks, there’s now a faster way you can make a selection. ThinkBroadband is a new Android app that lets you discover how fast the wireless connection of the network is. But, you don’t need to be hooked to test data speeds—you can do it over 3G and Wi-Fi. Getting results from the data test, you can choose which network you should opt for.

However, the app is still in Beta Mode. So just like everything else in the same stage, you can expect a few bugs and broken links. Also, you can’t store data on your mobile phone yet. This function will still be available in a future release.

ThinkBroadband, however, has been a household name for quite some time now. It is famous for being a home broadband speed checker. This means you get to check your current internet speed at home and log the results on your profile.

In order to get the app, you need to sign up to ThinkBroadband first. You also need to configure your smartphone to allow apps from ‘unknown sources.’ You can do this by doing the following:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Applications menu
  3. Make sure that the box for allowing downloads from unknown sources has been selected.


You’ll find this app useful if you’re trying to verify the speed of your internet connection to maximize your productivity. A future iPhone app for ThinkBroadband is also part of the company’s plans (hence our use of the company trademarked line).


Download the app and register: http://www.thinkbroadband.com/speedtest/android.html