Whether you want to escape the tiered plans or the throttled data from T-mobile, now you have an opportunity to do that (but do it while it lasts). A developer has managed to create an Android app called Smozzy that looks very much like a browser, but it works completely different from one.

In a way I suppose it works a bit like Opera Mini, since it compresses the webpage into an image file, but he’s sending that image file through a free MMS message on T-mobile’s network. Opera Mini still utilizes your data plan to do, although it uses 80-90% less data than normal browsing.

So how this app works is that you type a URL into the address bar of the app, which looks much like a browser, it sends that info via SMS to Smozzy’s servers, which then visit the webpage for you, download all the necessary files, zip them, and re-encode them into a PNG file, and then finally send it to you through MMS. You’ll be able to see all the content and have working links inside the Smozzy app. The whole process is very well thought out and innovative.

The downside of getting free data in this way is that it’s pretty slow, but hey it’s not like you can expect LTE speeds out of this. Another downside would be that this will most likely be short-lived. It’s possible that T-mobile officials have already learned about this, but it will probably take them a little while to figure out how to change their SMS and MMS plans in such a way that it’s not worth doing this anymore.

But you can try it out while it lasts. It’s free on the Android Market.