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bRight Switch brings Android to the humble light switch

bRight switch is designed to replace the light switches in your home with Android powered touchscreen devices. As well as being a switch it can do things like access the Internet, make Skype calls, provide room to room intercom and stream Pandora.
February 10, 2014
Is there no end to places where you can find Android? Not only is our favorite mobile operating system found in phones, tablets, media players and mini HDMI sticks, to name a few, but it is now coming to the humble light switch.

bRight switch is a crowd sourcing funded project, which just reached its funding level, that plans to replace the light switches in your home with Android powered touchscreen devices. The primary function of the bRight switch is to act as – yes you guessed it – a light switch. But since it is really an Android device it can do things like access the Internet and make Skype calls! Other functions include room to room intercom, alarm clock functions, Pandora music streaming and proximity detection/motion sensing.

If Android brought the “smart” to “phone” then here Android is bringing “smart” to “switch”. As you would expect the bRight switch can turn your lights on or off at set times etc, but as a smartswitch the bRight learns from your routine, turning off lights when you leave and turning them on when you come home. You can also control your bRight Switches from anywhere via the Internet.

Since the switch has proximity detectors and motion sensors it also provides several security features. It can record video when it senses movement in a room and send a message to your phone when movement is detected. It can also connect to Wi-Fi cameras so you can see who is at the front door. As an intercom the switch can broadcast to all the switches in the house or to just one room. It can also monitor a particular room like a traditional baby monitor.

The bRight switch runs standard Android apps and the makers Bellatrix will be releasing an open API to encourage developers to create new applications for bRight Switch.

Funding is now complete for the bRight switch and the backers of the project will start getting their devices in July. The standard bRight switch will retail for $100 and the Bluetooth version, which can connect to external speakers and track your phone to give you a personalized experience as you move from room to room, will sell for $125.

What do you think, is this a home automation dream come true or a Big Brother nightmare waiting to happen?