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Breaking News: Supreme Rules against Aereo in 6-3 decision

Supreme Rules against Aereo in 6-3 decision
June 25, 2014

Fans of Aereo will be less than pleased to learn that the Supreme Court has ruled against Aereo 6-3, a decision that essentially kills the service, at least in the form we currently know it.

It has been found by the court that Aereo’s TV streaming service violates the Copyright Act by playing back recording of broadcaster’s shows, regardless of Aereo’s claims in the past that its method for capturing — using actual antennas licensed to its subscribers — doesn’t break the law.

Here’s an excerpt from the actual ruling:

Insofar as there are differences, those differences concern not the nature of the service that Aereo provides so much as the technological manner in which it provides the service. We conclude that those differences are not adequate to place Aereo’s activities outside the scope of the [Copyright] Act.

Does this mean the end for Aereo? Possibly, though they could certainly end up reaching a deal with broadcasters to keep the service going. This could lead to price increases and other issues, however. For now, everything remains up in the air.

More information to come…. we’ll be sure to update and expand on the post soon!