Bluetooth-enabled wireless speakers are increasingly popular, as more and more people come to appreciate the convenience and quality of these portable audio systems. At the top of the scale, manufacturers such as Braven, Jawbone, and most recently Beats (with their Dr Dre approved Pill speakers) are competing for the attention of potential buyers.

We’ve recently reviewed the Braven 625s portable speakers, and we were impressed by their sound quality, great build, and features. Now, we will bring you a video comparison between the Braven 625s and one of its direct competitors, the Jawbone Jambox.

Launched in 2011, the Jawbone Jambox has been garnering good reviews, but how will it do against the more outdoors-oriented Braven 625s? We have a great video review from our man Clayton, but before that, let’s go through the main features of the Braven 625s and the Jawbone Jambox.

Build quality and design

The two speakers share a boxy design, but the similarities end there. The Jambox is designed for indoor use and features a modern, funky design that evokes a battery. The top and the bottom of the speakers are made of a hard rubber, and the mesh grill wraps around the unit seamlessly.

The Braven on the other hand feels much more sturdier, thanks to the rubber casing and the recessed stainless steel grill. The 625s is clearly labeled as outdoors ready, but the understated design ensures that it won’t look awkward on a desk or a coffee table.

The Braven 625s is slightly taller than the Jambox, but the Jawbone speaker is actually a bit heavier.

Sound quality

As you can see in the video review, both the Braven 625s and the Jawbone Jambox deliver great sound quality, especially for a portable audio system. The bass is powerful enough on both gizmos, and the mids and trebles are equally satisfying.

We experienced no distortions, even when pushing the two speakers to their limits. Both the Jambox and the 625s can fill out an average-sized room, but don’t expect them to replace your stereo system.

With that being said, we found that the Braven 625s pumps out the better sound. When listening to the two speakers alternatively, you will likely notice that the sound is less-filtered and overall nicer on the Braven.

Video review


At the regular retail price, both the Jambox and the Braven 625s are pretty pricey, with the former being slightly more expensive – the Jambox goes for $200, while the Braven costs about $180.

We think that the Braven 625s is the better value for the money, given the price tag, the features, the build quality, and the sound quality. Don’t get us wrong – the Jambox is not a bad audio system, it’s just that the 625s is simply better.

Did you try out the Jawbone Jambox or the Braven 625s? What about other Bluetooth speakers? Are they worth their salt?

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