Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has been talked about for a while now. However, no one has truly shown what they can do with this new technology. Just recently, S-Digital has done just the opposite of that with its new product called Brand Table.  You can obviously tell by the name that S-Digital will be improving the fast-food industry.

The new technology takes new NFC-capable smartphones such as the Galaxy Nexus, and allows for hungry people to go to “Brand Tables” to scan their phones. After doing just that, the fast food company’s menu will appear on the users’ phone screen.

After offering numerous deals and food options, customers can select the item that they wish to purchase and, ultimately, eat. Finally, after choosing a meal, the customers enters their bank PIN/passcode and pay for the item without having to say a single word or reach for a wallet or hand bag.

After an order has been submitted, the fast food kitchen staff will cook the order and send the customer a nice little notification when they are all done. To receive the meal, simply show your receipt (displayed on your phone) to the attendant holding on to your meal. Voila! Enjoy your meal.

Watch the concept video of the Brand Table system:

Source: Engadget