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Sharpen your mind with the brain booster bundle

We can all learn to make the most of what we've got between the ears. Grab the Brain Booster Bundle for just $12.99.
October 21, 2019
Brain Booster bundle

No matter what claims you listen to about how much of your brain you use, we can’t all become Bradley Cooper in Limitless. There isn’t a magic pill that unlocks your whole brain, but you can learn brain booster techniques to make the most of that grey matter.

The Brain Booster Bundle will introduce you to your brain and its functions for just $11.99 with our promo code.

Make the most of that grey matter.

This learning kit will introduce you to four aspects of brain function and how they impact your life. You’re not buying a brand-new brain, but you’ll come out of the courses with a better understanding of how to improve your potential.

Some people are born with great memory, but the brain doesn’t offer expandable storage. The first unit is all about memory, and maybe some of the strategies can help you remember just what was on that grocery list.

The Brain Booster Bundle

Once you’ve dusted off the memory, you can focus on the learning and neuroplasticity tutorials. You can discover why some people learn better than others as well as how the brain forms habits. The lessons can teach you about the effort it takes to break a bad habit, but you have to be willing to put in the work.

Brain booster bundle highlights:

  • Memory: Learn how it works and everyday methods to remember easier.
  • Learning: Understand how to develop new skills and the way your brain learns.
  • Neuroplasticity: Learn how the brain forms habits and methods to break bad ones.
  • Reading: Practice to improve your own reading speed.

You can complete all of the lessons above and then speed-read them again for only $11.99 by grabbing the deal and using promo code 40LEARN40 at the checkout. This is a savings of 98% of the retail value of almost $800, but only until the end of October.

The deal will be gone before you know it, so hit the button and get started.

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