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BrailleTouch: The Solution for Eyes-Free Texting

February 21, 2012

Our friends and family members who are visually impaired now have a way to text us! An app developer under the name of Georgia Tech is in the process of creating an open-source app meant for blind people to communicate through SMS. Called BrailleTouch, it sure is a helpful app that will make enable anyone to text.

The main feature of BrailleTouch is a 6 button set-up which basically explains the concept of ‘eyes-free texting.’ While the user types on these buttons, BrailleTouch reads out each letter and symbol from the English alphabet. Research has shown that users of the app have been able to achieve a typing speed of 32 wpm together with a 92% spelling accuracy. That’s a lot better and faster than how I normally type on my smartphone.

As of this writing, the team behind the app has developed BrailleTouch for iOS. However, there was mention of an Android version being developed already so we should see it pretty soon. And since it is an open-source app, other developers can use it and tweak it to fit their preference. They can even make the app better by coming up with a better solution for the app. What sort of apps do you think will work best with BrailleTouch? How do you feel about this app?