One major knock on cloud storage utilities like Evernote is the inability to create documents. We can store as many files as we like, even if we end up paying for it, but creation is a problem. This is what continues to give Google Drive a leg-up on the competition, and puts them atop the heap of true cloud-based content solutions.

Box has announced Notes, which is a lot like Google Docs. Users can create and collaborate in real time, making notes and adding pictures to documents as well. While the interface is sparse, and the app is still in beta, the functionality is much like a simplified version of Google’s document creator.

Box doesn’t plan to release Notes until sometime in 2014, as the beta feedback will be parsed and implemented as the team sees fit. The experience is also only on the desktop for now, but that should change by the time the service is launched.

In a blog post announcing Notes, Box Notes Product Manager Jonathan Berger hints at more features on the horizon, noting “We hope you enjoy Box Notes and look forward to the many features we will be adding soon. We’ll continue to improve the editor, making it possible to create a wider variety of documents. Accessing notes from anywhere and any device is crucial, so expect to see a mobile version of Box Notes too. And we’ll continue to build features that are only possible in an online, collaborative editor.”

If you’re interested in testing the beta version, you can sign up at the Box Notes site.

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