HTC One Google Edition - Live Wallpaper

The boot animation and live wallpaper for the Google Play edition phones (also known as Galaxy S4 and HTC One Nexus experiences smartphones) can be downloaded and installed on other devices.

After they started selling, we heard that the two brand new Nexus-like phones come with a new camera app, but also with their own live wallpaper and boot animation. Earlier today we told you that the new camera app can be installed on your device of choice, as long as it’s running Android Ice Cream Sandwich or later.

Now the boot animation and live wallpaper can be installed, with the latter being the easiest one to get. Called SunBeam, the new wallpaper is a variation of the PhaseBeam wallpaper on the Nexus 4.

The boot animation requires a more complex effort, including rooting your device. The boot animation is compatible with the Nexus 4 and other devices, and has been resized to fit devices with lower resolutions as well.

The live wallpaper apk is available at the Dropbox link below, while the boot animation can be installed following the xda-developers Source link.

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