If you’ve experienced your smartphone slowing down in the past few days, there’s an app that’ll certainly bring it back to full strength in no time. Introducing Booster, the newest and coolest Android task optimization app for your Android smartphone. Booster is an awesome application for your Android smartphone that helps you manage all the background processes in your phone with ease.

Unlike other Android booster applications that you find in the Google Play Store, Booster is different as it is simple and packs a lot of extra features not found on any other task killing applications. Not only that, the UI is pretty slick with a nice touch of black and neon blue that greatly adds a brilliant hue to the app itself.

Booster brings a host of Android optimization features that you will surely love apart from its innovative and creative user interface.

When you first launch the application, you will be shown a simple tutorial on how the application works. On the app’s main interface screen, you will find a huge circular disk (dial) that contains important information like the total number of tasks running, as well as the amount of memory left on your phone. There is also a smaller button that sits on top of the dial with the word Optimize.

Just below the dial’s interface, you can find various toggles that control your phone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Airplane Mode.

And, at the bottom-most part lies info about the remaining battery life, total call time, music, game, and browsing duration estimate that you have left on your phone. Tapping on the battery icon will take you to your phone system’s main battery screen with all the detailed breakdowns on what causes your overall battery consumption. This feature is pretty useful to find those apps that drain a lot of battery in just a short amount of time.

The tiny blue dot found on the circular dial can be dragged down; this allows you to set the timer to begin manually performing optimization task on your phone. The maximum countdown that you can assign is 60 minutes. To set the timer, simply drag the blue dot from left to right, much like those old-fashioned kitchen timers.

Selecting the Optimize button will automatically optimize your phone’s memory by killing useless background apps and freeing up precious memory. You can also do it manually, by selecting the Tasks or Memory button displayed on the center of the circular dial.

If you want to resort to auto-optimize your phone without you ever running the application again, then just hit the toggle found on the top right of the app’s main screen to enable automatic optimization mode. You can also modify the frequency of the automatic timer by enabling Start Optimize option and by selecting the Auto Optimize Frequency.  Choose from 15 minutes, half an hour, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours frequency in optimizing your phone.

As an added bonus, Booster will display your current battery, RAM, and number of tasks running.  The system info can be found just by dragging down your phone’s notification bar.

To start freeing up additional space, speeding up your phone and improving your Android device’s performance, get Booster free from the Google Play Store today.