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Upcoming Boost Mobile ad claims to allow activation of Sprint phones

There are both legal and illegal ways to change your carrier with CDMA devices. Soon, Boost Mobile may allow new customers to flash their Sprint phones directly to Boost Mobile as part of a future promotion. It has not been verified yet, so proceed with the appropriate skepticism.
November 5, 2012
Boost Mobile

Changing carriers but keeping your device with CDMA devices can be troublesome. On GSM, it’s relatively easy and requires only that you get your unlock code. Then pop in a SIM card and you’re done. With CDMA, it requires reprogramming the phone. Not all ways of doing so are legal either. Boost Mobile may be helping Sprint customers with that sometime in the near future.

XDA-Developers Member jewfish posted a teaser thread about Boost Mobile and a possible future promotion. It would allow Sprint customers to flash their phones to Boost Mobile’s service, which Boost would help with. This would allow those interested to switch their phones to Boost or buy a Sprint phone and have it activated on Boost.

Upon request, jewfish provided me with a photo of the future promotion. The one above has seen some Photoshop action, but the unaltered one can be found here. There are some troubling things about the photo, though. For instance, one would think that Boost Mobile would want to put the more capable Sprint phones in the picture. Phones such as the HTC EVO 3D, Samsung Epic 4G Touch, or other WiMAX enabled devices that would work well on Boost’s WiMAX 4G network.

If true, what are the benefits of Boost Mobile’s promotion?

The important thing is the legality and the price. There are a variety of methods out there to switch CDMA devices to other carriers. Some of them are perfectly legal and okay. Others, however, are not legal. Not every guide tells you which is which. With this promotion you can be sure you’re not going to get in trouble for doing something wrong.

Additionally, the services out there that will do it for you would go extinct. These methods are usually completely legal, but can run anywhere from $25-$50 to flash your phone to Boost Mobile.

This is only a rumor right now, so of course there is the usual amount of skepticism. However, if it does pan out, things could get a lot more exciting for Boost Mobile customers who want Sprint phones or Sprint customers who want a change. Do you think this will actually happen? Let us know in the comments.