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Fine-tune your tunes with Boom 3D for less than $13

Turn your computer into a music-enhancing machine with Boom 3D. Enhance your sound exactly how you want it for only $12.99.
October 19, 2019
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Do you ever wish you could make studio-like sound adjustments to your music as you listen? Boom 3D puts you in the producer’s chair for only $12.99. This software retails at $39.99, way more affordable than building a sound studio!

Boom 3D is a sound enhancement software package that enables you to add 3D effects to anything you listen to. Want a little more bass with your beats? Boom. Wish you could feel like you’re in the middle of the orchestra? Boom 3D can do that too.

Play your songs just how you like with unbeatable 3D Boom effects.

The abilities of Boom 3D go far beyond just music. It is fine-tuned with Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime video to make a whisper feel like it’s in your ear. Keep the bass up and feel yourself shake when a cannon goes off. You can control your very own surround sound just how you like it.

If you’re a gamer and you feel like you never hear enemies sneak up behind you, Boom 3D can work for you too. You can carefully adjust your mix so that you hear every footstep but you aren’t deafened by the chaos of battle.

Boom 3D at a glance:

  • Experience mind-blowing surround sound from movies, games, and music.
  • Match different genres and your listening preference with equalizer presets.
  • Safely increase the volume beyond regular limits using the Boom Volume Booster.
  • Play your locally stored songs and create playlists to organize your music collection.

Boom 3D is specially built to work with Windows 10, so make sure you’re running the latest version before you try to boost your sound. There is also an edition that is compatible with Mac for $16.99. Both versions retail for $39.99, but this deal will help you save over 57%.

This deal will disappear quickly so why wait? Better sound quality is within reach when you hit the button below.

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