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Blaze a trail with true wireless bone conduction earphones

Bone conduction earphones offer a revolutionary listening experience, and this pair is wireless.
January 14, 2019
True wireless bone conduction earphones

You may wonder if bone conduction earphones really work. In fact, they do, and it’s not exactly witchcraft. After all, sound is just vibrations of the air. By vibrating your bone instead, bone conduction earphones let you listen to your music whilst keeping your ears free. It’s comfortable, and it’s game-changing.

There are some obvious benefits to this technology: It protects your eardrums and avoids the discomfort of having something stuck in your ear. More importantly, you can still hear what’s going on around you.

Sure, sometimes you want to block out the world, but sometimes you don’t. If you’re riding a bike, for example, these earphones allow you to listen to your music while avoiding being hit by a bus. Or you could go trekking and enjoy your tunes whilst still taking in your surroundings.

True wireless bone conduction earphones

You could even enjoy listening to a podcast without being accused of ignoring your better half.

If you like the idea of revamping your listening experience, your timing couldn’t be better. Today these true wireless bone conduction earphones from Rawtronics are on offer. Available in four colors, the super lightweight and ergonomic earphones keep your ears free, and there isn’t a wire in sight.

The bone conduction earphones at a glance:

  • Use the home button for touch control of play and pause, answering or rejecting calls, and replaying songs.
  • Protect your ears through bone conduction technology.
  • Enjoy great sound thanks to TWS stereo solution.
  • Talk on the phone with crystal clear technology.

These futuristic hearables are going for $50 on the manufacturer’s site, but right now you have the chance to pick a pair for $39.99. The offer only lasts a few days though, so don’t miss your chance.

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