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Bolt smartphone dialer features free VoIP calling feature, now on Google Play

The new Bolt app aims to replace your smartphone dialer, while also offering integrated VoIP calling to other Bolt users. Keep reading to learn more!
February 10, 2014

When it comes to apps that allow free user-to-user calling, there’s certainly no shortage on Google Play. Some of the most popular solutions include Viber, Skype and Fring, just to name a few. Of course, most of these apps require you to log into their network apps to make the free calls, and then log into the dialer when you want to make a traditional call. Although apps that attempt to merge a traditional dialer with a VoIP calling system do exist, many times the implementation leaves a lot to be desired.

Bolt is hoping to change this perception by bringing a powerful standard phone dialer that also allows you to call other Bolt users completely for free. Reportedly, Bolt-to-Bolt calls also have a higher call quality than a traditional phone call, yet only use up about 60KB of data per minute.

For now, Bolt’s only feature outside of its standard phone dialer is the ability to make VoIP calls, but according to Bolt’s CEO Andrew Benton, this is only the beginning. The company hopes to eventually bring full number porting, messaging and even a monthly subscription fee that would give unlimited calling and texting to any mobile or landline.

In the meantime, Bolt’s service is still the perfect fit for that have limited calling minutes, such as those with T-Mobile’s $30 unlimited text/data plan with just 100 calling minutes. With a service like this, these users can have one dialer for all their calling needs and can encourage their friends and family to download Bolt so they can conserve their calling minutes for emergencies.

For more details on Bolt, or to grab the app and try it for yourself, be sure to head on over to Google Play.