While official development of the Boid Twitter client may have ended, there is a glimmer of hope for fans of the app, as the development team have decided to turn Boid into an open source project. Boid is dead. Long live Boid.

In an unofficial statement made a few days before the official announcement, developer Graham Macphee said “In my mind, Boid is over. It was a success. And now its job is done.” The official statement continues this theme, stating that “it is the opinion of the team that Boid was made to stir competition in the Play Store and to aid the Holo design pattern in gaining mass adoption by developers – a target which now appears to be met.”

The Boid team has already created a Git repository for the code, hoping not only to see development of Boid continue, but also that developers looking to create their own apps will be able to learn from the code.  Boid, including updates from the community, will continue to be available in the Play Store.

Are you a fan of the Boid Twitter client? Do you plan to continue using the app now that it is an open source project?