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Boeing announces self-destructing secure Android handset, the Boeing Black

Boeing has now finally take the veil off its Android-powered super-secure handset, the Boeing Black. Read on for more details!
February 27, 2014

It looks like Silent Circle’s Blackphone isn’t the only highly secure Android-powered device heading our way. Back in 2012 we first heard talk about how Boeing was getting ready to release its own Android devices, and after a great deal of silence, the aerospace company has finally announced the Boeing Black.

The Boeing Black is powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, packs a 4.3-inch 540 x 960 resolution display, is 5.2-inches tall and weighs 170 grams. There’s also support for three bands of LTE, antennas for WCDMA and GSM, and dual-SIM support baked in (one for commercial networks, another for government ones).

As you can see, none of the specs seem to be all that impressive, but remember that this device isn’t targeted towards everyday consumers. Instead, the Black promises a design that provides ultra-high security levels, and is aimed at government agencies and the military (and maybe really paranoid individuals, too). To that end, Boeing has its own PureSecure architecture that will reportedly lock Android apps and date in a way somewhat similar to platforms like Knox. There’s also hardware media encryption,  trusted boot technology and a self-destruct feature. Yah, you read that last one right.

According to a recently spotted FCC filing, the handset is designed to erase all data and software in the event that anyone attempts to tamper with the device. This includes things like messing with the case or attempting to break it open in any way. As if that wasn’t cool enough, there’s also a 24-pin connector that allows you to plug in specific modules for ‘special scenarios’ such as an extra battery, a satellite radio, extra sensors and the list goes on.

The Boeing Black certainly looks cool, though we doubt that Boeing plans to offer the Black to just anyone. More than likely the handset will only be sold in bulk orders to larger businesses and government agencies. For now, Boeing has yet to announce an exact price or release date, though the aerospace giant says that the device will be coming “soon’.