B&N Nook

Amazon isn’t the only e-reader brand bragging about its recent holiday shopping weekend success. Barnes & Noble has now released a press statement revealing that their Nook e-reader sales doubled over the four-day Black Friday weekend when compared to last year.

Just like Amazon’s press release, this information comes without any real numbers to go by and is mostly for show. We really know little about how well either the Kindle or Nook line did during the Black Friday weekend, though we can at least assume both brands are doing quite well this holiday shopping season based on the limited information we do have.

Barnes & Noble Q2 results also paint a picture of success for the company, at least as far as the B&N Nook brand is concerned. The Nook saw revenues that totalled $160 million for the quarter, which was 6 percent up on year. Overall though, the company actually saw a .4% year-on-year decrease with consolidated revenues for the company reaching $1.9 billion. Keep in mind that the Q2 results do not include sales from Nook HD and HD+ tablets, which shipped after the second fiscal quarter.

According to Barnes & Noble, the growth that has occurred this year for its e-reader brand is largely because of increased promotional activity at channel partners, such as Walmart and Target. In contrast, carriers like Walmart and Target are no longer carrying Amazon Kindle products.

Andrew Grush
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