blu-life-pro-handBlu, the independent smartphone maker, has just unveiled its latest device – a 5 inch, quad-core smartphone which is just 6.9mm thick. The device features a 720 x 1280 IPS display and is powered by an unnamed 1.5 GHz quad-core processor with a PowerVR SGX554 GPU. Running Android 4.2, the phone has an aluminum housing and packs an impressive 12 megapixel camera.

According to the sales leaflet the Life Pro’s display uses Blu’s propriety View Display Technology which gives great viewing angles without the lose of color intensity or clarify.

The camera app includes features like face detection and continuous auto-focus and there is also an LED flash that uses BLU Bright+ Technology (whatever that is) that according to Blu allows you you take excellent photos even in low light conditions. To compliment the 12 MP rear camera there is also a 5 MP front facing camera.

blu-life-pro-specsWhen compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 the Blu Life Pro is thinner and has a better front facing camera, however the S4 has a better display (full HD) and a slightly higher MP rear facing camera.

The device comes with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, however there is no mention of any expansion options via a microSD card slot.

One area of concern is the supported 3G frequencies. According to the spec sheet it supports 850 MHz and 1900 MHz or 850 MHz and 2100 MHz. However it isn’t clear what this means as the word 4G is used but not 4G LTE. It is most likely that the 850 MHz /1900 MHz version is for use in the USA on networks like T-Mobile while the 850 MHz / 2100 MHz version is for sale internationally. Since the phone supports HSPA+ at 42 Mbps this is what Blu means by 4G, in other words fast 3G but not 4G LTE. The missing key number for the 3G support is 900 MHz which is used in lots of European countries.

The device, which is SIM unlocked, should be available soon from sites like Amazon for just $299 without a contract.

Gary Sims

Gary has been a tech writer for over a decade. Prior to that, he had over 10 years of experience as a software engineer.