Bluestacks Windows 8

Apps and the developer ecosystem are the lifeline of any mobile platform. This is what sustains the iOS and Android mobile ecosystems. Without apps, our mobile devices will just be boring old shells for a mobile browser that can also make calls and send SMS. The prospect of running Android’s 800,000 or so mobile apps must have been interesting for the developers at BlackBerry to consider supporting these in the PlayBook. Now it’s the Microsoft Surface Pro‘s turn.

BlueStacks, which brought Android emulation to the Mac OS X and Windows platforms, has announced a version of its emulator optimized for the Microsoft Surface Pro. The Android emulator features a new menu and start screen tile. BlueStacks will also enable users to run apps in “true” touch-enabled full-screen interfaces using the Windows 8 device’s tilt and motion sensors.

“Our goal is to get people more value out of their Surface Pro and Win8 devices,” says BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma, who says that BlueStacks offers a way for developers to reach users without the “onerous”  submission process that developers would have to go through to get their apps included in the Windows App Store.

This means that apart from being able to run the usual x86-based Windows programs, Surface Pro users can also enjoy just about any app designed for Android, without necessarily running on an ARM platform. Of course, this comes with performance considerations, but it’s a good way to derive better value from your $1,000 tablet computer.

Check out the promotional video of BlueStacks for Surface Pro:

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