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Bluestacks partners with AMD, brings Android apps to the AMD-powered desktops running Windows 7 and 8

Bluestacks has created a partnership with AMD in order to bring Android to AMD-powered devices. This is huge for the computer market, as computers will be able to run Android applications alongside Windows applications. However, the bigger winner here is AMD-powered tablets. You no longer need to decide if you want Windows or Android, as you can now have both.
September 27, 2012
There are a lot of ways to use Android on any Intel or AMD computer. You can create a virtual machine that runs Android. If you want to run your Android phone on a PC, it’s as simple as using TeamViewer.

There is another application that will allow you to tap into Android using Windows called Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an Android emulator that allows you to run a full Android environment on your PC without having to bother with a virtual machine. They have recently partnered with AMD to bring AMD PCs Android apps with just one click.

Using AMD’s AMD AppZone, you can download Android applications to your PC as easily as you can to your Android phone. For now, the Android applications are only available if you go to the official AMD AppZone website and download them. However, there are talks that AMD might start bundling Android apps with computers in the future.

The goal is to offer every Android application in the Google Play Store. However, if you travel to the website, you’ll find only a few dozen are available right now. As time goes, that list will surely grow.

I have an AMD powered computer, how do I make this work?

It really is quite simple. Head to the AMD AppZone linked above, find an application you like, and download it. Easy as that. If you don’t already have Bluestacks, it will install itself before installing any applications. Then the application itself will install.

On my AMD FX-8120 (8-core) processor, it took about 2-3 minutes total to install both Bluestacks and Talking Tom. Additional app downloads took less than a minute. On my w500 tablet, which runs Windows 8, it took about 5-6 minutes for the Bluestacks and Talking Tom install. About 3-4 minutes for additional app installs.

This could be very huge for a number of reasons. It’ll be nice being able to get Android applications onto your AMD-powered PC or laptop. However, the biggest winner could be those with AMD-powered Windows tablets. Tablets like the Acer Iconia w500, which runs Windows 7 or Windows 8. It’s not an Android tablet, but with this new deal between Bluestacks and AMD, it can applications like one.

If more Windows tablets are released with AMD chips, any customer will essentially have access to every Android application as well. Does this make a Windows tablet seem like a more viable option? Let us know your thoughts.