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Bluest - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Bluest. In this Sonic-meets-Megaman-but-with-karate title, you use a unique control scheme to kill a bunch of bad guys.
July 2, 2014

What is Bluest?

Bluest is a 2D platformer where you must defeat enemies and clear stages. It’s very much like the same kind of game play as Megaman or Sonic the Hedgehog. You play as a dude with blue hair who must kill bad guys to complete stages. This is done with a very unique set of controls. The premise is very simple. You do moves, kill some bad guys, and move on to the next level.

The controls in this game are very interesting. All of the buttons appear on one side of the screen and you have left, right, jump, and force to choose from. Left, right, and jump are pretty self explanatory. The force button turns on attack mode and jump, left, and right all turn into various directions of attack. You can then slide around or tap around to complete a range of attacks. Once you get it done, it’s very fluid and actually pretty enjoyable.

Bluest itself is not the most dramatic game ever. The graphics and level design are fairly retro so there’s nothing new there. This game would’ve been totally epic with a cohesive story line and maybe some objectives other than killing bad guys. You can collect things, there is a hit chain-gauge you can fill, a time limit, and there are Google Play Games achievements included to give you some semblance of completion and some goals to strive for other than completing the level.

In terms of sheer game play that’s really it. Bluest doesn’t market itself as a deep game so we weren’t disappointed that it wasn’t. Some people have had some graphical glitches here and there and some people dislike the controls. However, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the controls it’s just people not wanting to leave their comfort zone.

Bluest screenshot
You can pick up Bluest for free by following this link. It’s a trial so you can’t play the full game. Click the Google Play button to go to the paid version which will run you $1.99. Depending on your gaming tastes, it’s a very reasonable price and so far those who bought haven’t regretted it as the paid version rocks a 4.7 rating in the Google Play Store.