Blue HTC One

A blue HTC One is said to be in the works, after the red edition has made a few appearances online.

You may remember the elusive red HTC One, a color variant of HTC’s flagship that has first made an appearance on the company’s website, just to be denied thereaafter. Then, it recently showed up on a British retailer’s website.

Well, prepare to be amazed, as the red version of the HTC One isn’t the only additional one planned for the future. Apparently, a blue HTC One also exists, if you believe Pocket-lint‘s sources, which are “familiar with the matter.” While no details are given, the blue edition is said to be scheduled to come out together with the red one.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t provide an image of the new color version, but it has made its own mock-up of what it could look like. You can take a look at it below (although it could be completely different than what the actual device will look like).

blue HTC One

No exact time frame is given, but the two new color variants are said to come out “in the coming months,” hopefully sooner rather than later.

As you probably know, the HTC One is currently available in two color versions including Stealth Black and Glacial White, but more options can only be a welcome thing.

Would you prefer a blue or red HTC One instead of the currently available color options?

Bogdan Bele
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