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Why do tech guys shy away from cooking?

Pragmatism is bound in the heart of the techie, and the idea of letting food go to waste irks many of them. But services like Blue Apron solve the problem.
May 16, 2017

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Today AAPicks is spotlighting Blue Apron, which is currently having an offer aimed directly at tech fans. You get 6 meals delivered right to your door for only $25.

Okay, there is one slight catch… you need to cook them. But how hard can that be, right?

I always wondered why people shy away from cooking. As long as you’re not applying for the role of Masterchef, you just need to follow the instructions. We’re tech guys; understanding clearly stated procedures is what we do best! If nothing else it’s a good excuse to open a bottle of wine.

What always puts me off cooking is having the right ingredients at the right time. If I buy an assortment of ‘all-purpose’ ingredients when I’m at the store, most of them inevitably go bad unless I make tedious plans ahead of time on how to use them.

And if they do go bad, I’ve not only wasted my money, I’ve contributed to the food wastage problem I keep hearing about it. Shame on me.

Blue Apron has decided to take all the admin out of the experience.

The only way I can avoid being a psychological hostage to the contents of my fridge is to go shopping for the specific ingredients I need on the day that I need them. I like to pretend that I’ve got better things to do.

Blue Apron feel my pain, and decided to take all of the admin out of the experience.

When you sign up for one of their packages, they deliver all the ingredients to your door in exactly the right quantities and with simple instructions about how to throw it all together. We’re talking fresh, high-quality ingredients to make gourmet dishes, and no excuse to waste a morsel.

To lure techies back to the joys of cooking, Blue Apron is offering a big discount on your first package: just $25 for the ingredients and recipes to make a meal for 2 on 3 separate occasions. That’s 6 meals at less than $5 per head.

Of course, you also get to pick out what you’ll be dining on, and there are options for vegetarians as well! Click the button below to see what’s on the menu this week!

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