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Bloomberg: Samsung says they'll release "competitive Tizen devices" this year

Samsung sent a statement to Bloomberg saying they'll release multiple "competitive" Tizen devices this year. Sadly, no further details were given.
January 3, 2013

Samsung sent Bloomberg an email today with a one sentence statement that said the South Korean handset maker will release “new” and “competitive” Tizen devices (as in multiple) this year. For those who need a refresher, and many of you probably do, here’s how Tizen was born. Intel wanted to give their customers, the companies who make computers, an alternative to Microsoft’s Windows platform, so they started writing this Linux based operating system called Moblin. While they were doing that, Nokia was busy in Finland writing their own Linux based operating system called Maemo.

The two got together and agreed they should join forces. They renamed their combined efforts MeeGo. Nokia then got a new CEO, Stephen Elop, who decided to throw everything out the window and bet the farm on Windows Phone. In other words, Nokia told Intel they don’t care about MeeGo anymore.

This is where Samsung comes in. They called up Intel, said they’ll take Nokia’s place, but they want to rename the project Tizen. While all this was going on, Samsung was also building yet another Linux based operating system called Bada. Samsung decided to ditch Bada, and merge whatever work they did on it with Tizen.

Got it? Good.

Now the important question: Why exactly is Samsung trying to get a new platform off the ground when everyone loves Android? The answer is surprisingly simple. Samsung doesn’t want to be reliant on Google. In much the same way that Nokia is practically run by Microsoft, Samsung doesn’t want to be in the same position with Google.

For all we know, Tizen could very well be an elaborate ruse constructed by Samsung to give them an upper hand while sitting at the negotiating table with Andy Rubin. But let’s be serious, does anyone honestly think Samsung can design an OS that’s better than Android?

We don’t.