For those who like their action games to come with a little lot of blood and gore, the aptly titled Blood & Glory is a popular title that has been keeping the streets safer since it was released last year. Developed by Glu Mobile, the sequel to the Gladiator-style arena battle game is apparently in the works.

The sequel will be called Blood & Glory: Legend. We can’t tell how soon it’s going to hit Google Play, but an unlisted promo video of the game has been uploaded by the developer on YouTube.  Unfortunately, save for the new title, the trailer doesn’t reveal many details about the game. It’s only to be expected that Legend will feature as much blood as the original, as well as more impressive visual — thanks to the use of the Unity engine.

Another thing that made Blood & Glory a hit among gamers – aside from the fact it’s taken a lot of elements from Infinity Blade — is that Glu Mobile has taken the freemium route with the game. It costs nothing to download Blood & Glory from Google Play. Depending on your skill, you may be able to take your Gladiator quite far in the game without resorting to in-app purchases for potions, items and the likes.

As fans of the game await for the sequel, those who are yet to draw their first sword may want to check out the swipe and slash fighting game on Google Play.