For those that care, Blockbuster is in trouble. Real trouble. In an attempt to save itself from the pit of financial doom they have made an effort to spread into emerging technologies in ways to better serve their business, and their clients. Blockbuster is now set to offer on demand video, potentially beating Netflix to finish line. At the time of writing, on demand video is available via T-Mobile’s HTC HD2 but the service is supposed to be available on Android phones soon. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any further information on when, or how reliable this piece of information is. Nonetheless, here is an excerpt from CNN Money breaking the news,

The movie rental company launched its newest enterprise on Wednesday, beating rival Netflix to the punch in mobile movie streaming commercially. Blockbuster is now offering on demand video via T-Mobile’s new HTC HD2 smart phone. The new service is also expected to be available on Android and Windows Mobile phones soon.

The application probably going to come at no cost, but the content is alleged to cost you between $2.99-$3.99. To kick start proceedings, some films might even be available for free so it is worth checking out. Your money will rent you the film for 24 hours from the time you first hit the ‘play’ button. Personally, I believe this should really help Blockbuster. Getting in first to this type of market is crucial to grab the market share, but they will need some keen advertisements to make sure people know about it.

[Via CNN Money]

James Tromans
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