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How to block a website on Safari

You can now block all Android websites except ours.
June 20, 2022

There are many reasons why you may want to block certain websites — or only allow specific ones — in your browser. The most common reason is that your impressionable young children shouldn’t be exposed to sex, violence, and social media. The next common reason is productivity. Perhaps you can’t get any work done due to your obsession with checking Facebook every five minutes? Whatever your reason for blocking websites, it can be easily achieved if you’re using an Apple device. Here’s how to block a website on Safari.

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To block a website on Safari, go to Screen Time. Select Limit Adult Websites and enter your banned sites list under Never Allow.


How to block a website on Safari on an iPhone or iPad

To block a website in Safari on iOS, go to Settings–>Screen Time.

ios screen time

Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions. Underneath, if you haven’t already added a PIN code to Screen Time, you will see the option to do so. I highly recommend doing this if you’re blocking website access to children.

ios content privacy restrictions

Now choose Content Restrictions.

ios content restrictions

Followed by Web Content. Right now, it will say Unrestricted Access but we’re going to change that.

ios web content list

On the next screen, tap Limit Adult Websites to begin the blocking process. When you do, the Always Allow and Never Allow sections will appear. Under Never Allow, tap Add Website.

ios web content blocklist

Now type in the full website URL of the site you want to block (we’ve chosen the link of a well-known troublemaker!). If you make a mistake, just tap the X next to the text field to delete everything and start again.

When it’s entered, come out of the page by tapping the blue Web Content link at the top left.

ios add website to blocklist

Now test it by going to the Safari browser and trying to access the site. You should immediately get a restricted notice. If you tap Allow Website, it will ask you to enter the PIN code that you set up in Screen Time. So for a child, that would be as far as they can go — unless, of course, they can figure out your PIN code.

ios safari blocked website

How to allow only specific websites on an iPhone or iPad

On the other hand, if you would like to only allow specific websites to be made available on Safari — perhaps you have an approved list of sites for your child to look at — you can load those links in by tapping Allowed Websites Only. Then tap Add Website and add the link.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to bulk add links, so they have to be entered one at a time using this method.

ios allowed websites only

How to block a website on Safari on a Mac

Blocking a website on Safari on macOS is virtually identical on a Mac. Again, it all runs through Screen Time.

macos system preferences screen time

Click Content & Privacy in the left sidebar. On the right, under Web Content, selecting Limit Adult Websites will show the Customize button. Click it.

macos restrict websites

You will now see a block list where you can add specifically allowed and restricted website links.

macos website blocklist