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On the eve of HTC’s big announcement for their new HTC One, they’ve gone and dropped a couple apps into the Google Play Store. The first is a standalone BlinkFeed Launcher, the second they call HTC Service Pack.

BlinkFeed is a unique feature to HTC as a part of their Sense Android skin. BlinkFeed, in short, curates news, events and social into a single location on your Home screen. Glossing over the significant fact that HTC has made BlinkFeed itself into a standalone Launcher, it will be very exciting to many users to see new offline reading capabilities.

HTC BlinkFeed Launcher

HTC Service Pack promises to keep your HTC experience up to date by providing previously released HTC updates and getting them onto your phone in the form of an app, instead of a full system update.

HTC Service Pack

Sadly, we may have to wait a few short hours until HTC’s presentation to learn what devices are supported for these apps. As yet, the previous model HTC One is not compatible, nor are any devices in our inventory. Maybe HTC is just teasing us and will flip the switch at game time.  It is also a guess that the updates require Sense 6 to be installed. Either way, HTC owners should hit up the Google Play Store to attempt to grab their own copies of the BlinkFeed Launcher and HTC Service Packs.

Be sure to join us for our coverage of the live stream and other HTC One news during HTC’s new HTC One announcement, or hit HTC’s own livestream page at 9am PDT (16:00 UTC).

With less than 8 hours to launch, how are you feeling about the new HTC One?