You might remember the Blackphone, built by Geeksphone and Silent Circle. The handset featured pretty mid-to-low-end specs considering its asking price of $629, but of course the selling point wasn’t the hardware — it was the OS. Running a modified version of Android called PrivatOS, the phone was loaded with security-minded features like encrypted text messaging, encrypting voice and video calling, private browsing, anonymous search and the list went on.

It seems that the Blackphone effort was enough of a success to trigger even more security-focused hardware from the companies, as Silent Circle’s co-founder Jon Callas recently revealed in an interview with BBC Newsbeat that they are working on a privacy tablet as a followup to the Blackphone. As Callas put it: “Blackphone as it is, is our first device not our last device”.

For those that feel the need for higher security and privacy, what do you think of Blackphone? Excited about the idea of it being extended into a range of various hardware products? Conversely do you feel such devices are overkill and unnecessary? Let us know in the comments.