Blackberry CEO Z10 launch thorsten launch

It’s not an exaggeration to say that BlackBerry – previously Research in Motion – is pinning its last hope on its BB10 handsets, such as the Z10. Fortunately, there’s a sliver of good news for the Canadian phone maker, as one of the country’s top retailers has reported that the flagship device has actually trounced the competition.

According to Glentel, which has 330 stores across Canada, the BlackBerry Z10 has outsold the likes of Samsung Galaxy 3 and Apple iPhone 5. The retailer said that the Z10 was “the leading smartphone” sold in its stores since it was released on February 5.

We have no problem giving credit where it’s due, but it’d have been better to see some numbers being revealed. In this case, the folks at Glentel haven’t shared the actual sales data for all to ogle upon. Also, it’s a bit too early to tell whether the sales streak will continue once the initial excitement is over.

That being said — there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of competition. In fact, there are certain things that we like about BB10, though there are also several features we’re not quite fond of. While Android is now on top, it’s important to remember that RIM had been in Google’s shoes before, until it got too complacent and stopped innovating.

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