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crowd science

In an interesting blog post over at the Crowd Science blog, it has become clear from their research that a significant number of RIM Blackberry users are lusting after the Android operating system, specifically the Nexus One that runs it. For those that have not heard of Crowd Science, here is a little background about their company to help you assess how legit their findings are.

They “were formed by experts in online market research and audience measurement with a mission to “raise the bar” in the measurement of online populations. Their goal is to help web properties understand all facets of their audience, including the impact of marketing and outreach efforts on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, through rigorous, verifiable interactive research. The company has developed an advanced platform for audience measurement and real-time survey research.”

As it turns out, when asked upfront whether they would exchange their current Blackberry e for Google’s new Android-based Nexus One, 32% of Blackberry users said “yes,” compared with just 9% of iPhone users. According to their blog post, ‘this figure zoomed to 60% for users of smartphones not made by Blackberry or Apple.’

When dealing with statistics such as these, it is important to always bare in mind the bigger picture. In truth, Crowd Science do a reasonable job of this, and they investigated other useful pieces of information to help build a well rounded view of the smartphone market

Awareness of the Google Nexus One phone itself following launch was found to be 91% amongst iPhone users, 75% amongst Blackberry users, and 73% amongst users of other smartphones.

It would seem, then, that the OS about to take the biggest hit will be RIM. It will be interesting to discover whether this comes out in the wash with Admob’s forthcoming mobile advertisement statistics over the next few months. Indeed, there may be some significant lag time between the general consumer feeling about wanting Android, relative to actually getting a phone that runs it. This will be primarily becase of the contract length that many customers are tied down by.