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As it turns out, the story of the fallout between BlackBerry and T-Mobile will have at least one more chapter, and it includes a new character. T-Mobile and Samsung have teamed up to offer current T-Mobile BlackBerry users up to $200 to swap to a new Samsung handset.

Current T-Mobile BlackBerry customers simply need trade in their BlackBerry for a new Samsung smartphone to receive a gift card worth up to $200. This goes for JUMP! customers as well, if you are eligible for a JUMP! upgrade, you will also receive a gift card for the upgrade.

If you are a T-Mobile BlackBerry user that is looking to upgrade, but Samsung is not the phone manufacturer you have in mind for your next handset, no worries, T-Mobile will still hand over a $100 gift card for your choice. If you needed some proof that T-Mobile is in this to win, you will have until the end of the year to trade in on this offer.

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Finally, for those T-Mobile BlackBerry users that are committed to their device, T-Mobile wants you to know that they’ve got your back. You can still expect the same services and contracts, just understand that you will not be able to purchase a new BlackBerry from T-Mobile, possibly ever.

For Samsung fans, this opportunity could not have come at a better time, sales of the new flagship Samsung device, the Galaxy S5, began just the other day. T-Mobile is currently selling the Galaxy S5 for $660 full retail, or $0 down and $27.50/month for 24 months.

We’re all curious, how many of you have an eligible T-Mobile BlackBerry device that they are looking to trade in for a new Samsung smartphone? No need to JUMP! up now, just share your thoughts in the comments below.