BlackBerry roadmap 2013

The first of April is pretty amazing. Sometimes you get awesome, over-the-top jokes… and sometimes you get some very sublime, subversive ones. This ‘roadmap’ from BlackBerry is the latter of those two.

A fun little joke, and one that suggests BlackBerry has a few devices lined up into 2014. Essentially, it shows a BlackBerry tablet coming out late this year, and a reloaded handset offering next year. If you take it at face value, BlackBerry has tipped their product timetable hat to the world.

BlackBerry enthusiasts were a little giddy at this, and even various other media outlets had been duped. It’s that kind of day, though. Everyone gets fooled at one point or another!

How did we know it wasn’t real? Manufacturers are usually very tight-lipped about future product launches, as it gives the competition time to adjust. There is also the crude graphics and design of the image, which smacks more of a local charity bake-sale than a tech company product timetable. Also, look at that U10 device. Is it a larger phone? Smaller tablet? If it were real, and that graph was any indication of scale… no thanks.

More importantly, it fails to show BlackBerry’s demise, bankruptcy, and eventual firesale… but that could be 2015. Oh, come on! We’re kidding! Hopefully.